R3 Racing



R3 Racing started in May 2019 as a competitive virtual racing team in both simulation and arcade environments (mainly Assetto Corsa / Competizione & Forza Horizon). Nowadays it's more than that. It's a community where you can share your passion, laugh, make friends, play together and share experiences.

When it comes to racing together in competitive events, we always try to win or at least fight for our best performance possible on the track. This requires practice, patience, commitment and feedback between everyone taking part; therefore those are some of the requisites you're asked to accomplish before racing with us.

Your nationality does not matter as long as your English is good enough to communicate. We have people from all over the world.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to join our Discord server!


The goal with this project is to race in leagues and championships frequently, with people we can trust; proper training and feedback, and also have fun together and meet new people.

Most of us have years of experience in multiple racing videogames, either arcade or simulators.

After over four years and a story on our back, we've developed a feeling of attachment between us and proud for taking part in the community. We've won events together, such as the Forza Team Wars Legends Cup Volume II in 2021 or the WorldSimSeries 24 hours of Barcelona in 2022, and celebrated all of our victories.

There are no age or nation barriers, everyone who shares our passion is welcome!


Our main activity focuses in two videogames:

  • Forza Horizon games - Since 2019, R3 Racing takes part in the biggest and most important eSports community in Forza Horizon "Forza Team Wars". Its usual format consists in events where two teams challenge each other in two 6 vs 6 races with rules set by the people taking part. For more information, join the Forza Team Wars Discord server.
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione - Since 2020, we have been racing together in leagues and endurance races as a team. Our practice sessions and feedback really helped to push ourselves forward, improving and learning. We usually like to chill in public lobbies and in LFM for ranked races, and when there's an interesting event coming soon, such as an endurance race, we build rosters and setups to take part in it and start practicing for days!

  • You can also find us playing other racing games such as Assetto Corsa (2014), iRacing, rFactor 2, Gran Turismo, DiRT and WRC Games, etc. We also sometimes play non racing videogames together as well, such as Minecraft, Battlefield or CS:GO.


    Do you want to join us?

    In our team we have some minimum competitive standards you should achieve to race with us. The most important requisite is to have a respectful and safe driving, but you'll also need some skills in order to take part with us in the highest level.


    We don't have strong requisites to get into the Forza Horizon division as long as your driving and laptimes are decent. However, if the enemy team is a serious one, we take our strongest roster to race against it.

    You can give our tryout a go in our Discord server.


    We use the AOR Hotlap servers to practice the tracks and have a reference of the optimal laptimes in each. In order to race for our PRO category, you should be aiming for these times in a hotlap context:

  • Low 1:53s in Nürburgring
  • Low 1:43s in Barcelona
  • Mid 2:15s in Spa-Francorchamps
  • Mid 1:46s in Monza
  • Mid 1:40s in Kyalami
  • TLDR: This is very sketchy, but basically we aim our fastest lap in the track to be less than a second behind the world record for the current version in the AOR Hotlap leaderboard.

    If you can reach these times, or you're very close to them, we are most likely going to accept you in the PRO category. However, remember that consistency and communication are also very important to win!